A Brief History of a Self Bondage Fan, Part 1
My life story in a not-so-brief essay.  This part covers my childhood.
A Brief History of a Self Bondage Fan, Part 2
The rest of my story, covering my adult life up to the present.
Self Bondage:  How It Works
This essay summarizes how self bondage works in a person's life.  The "Brief History" essays are a bit long and personal; this essay hits the high points for those interested in a quick primer on the subject..
Dungeonmouse Goes Clubbing
Wherein the mouse visits a bdsm club and learns some new tricks.
Living in Chains, Hardware
Many of us cherish the dream of living full-time in chains.  This essay and the next explore making the dream come true.
Living in Chains, Social Aspects
Companion essay on making the dream come true.
Out of the Closet
A most amazing week has just passed.  The essay is all true although I'm having a hard time believing that myself.  The gays did it.  The goths did it.  Tatoo fans did it.  We can too.
Permanent Cuff Designs
Sketches and descrptions of cuffs, leg irons and collars designed to fasten permanently to your body.
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