The Virgin Queen
One of my first bondage stories and still one of my favorites.  I got the idea from a picture I saw on the Net by Soggo here  
XTreme Sports
I thought about what would happen if bondage somehow made it onto prime time (other than "Fear Factor").  Here's the result of my musing.
Down the Rabbit Hole
I wrote this story after a long self bondage session.  If you've never done that, this story may sound very strange.  If you have, you will hopefully sense something familiar about it.
And Counting.
Having a "safety," a person who looks in on you periodically during a long bondage session, is usually a good idea.  Usually.
A Morning in Self Bondage
I suppose this should be an essay.  It describes a real event on Monday, April 12, 2004.  But it reads like a story, so I put it here.  Besides, who reads the essays on bondage sites?
Leviticus wrote a story called "Snow White, Slave Girl" which I really enjoyed.  That story inspired me to adapt another fairy tale into a bondage story.  "Cinderella" was the result.  Peter (Leviticus) was then kind enough to publish "Cinderella" on his site.
Morning TV
A light-hearted look at what might happen when bondage finally comes out of the closet and appears on daytime TV.


Diedra is an interesting lady.  She is a prisoner in the dungeon, the deepest level of the Prison for Women.  The dungeon is a very harsh and violent place.  These stories are not for the faint of heart.
Wherein we meet Diedra and learn how she entered the dungeons of the Prison for Women.  And, yes, that's how she spells her name.
The Cage
I wrote this story after reading a Stephen King book, so I thought I'd do a bondage horror story.  I followed Ray Bradbury's adviced to write horror stories about the things that terrify you personally.  Bradbury claimed wrting about your fears would resolve them but this story still gives me the willies when I read it.
The Wheel
The story of Diedra's life in the dungeon continues.  This tale and the next two actually started as one story but things got too involved so I broke them up into three stories.
The Pole
Diedra and Tiffany finish their shift on the wheel and head for some well-earned "rest."   But first they must survive their bathes.

Bondage Walking
The Tricia and Bob Stories

I like Tricia and Bob and not just because they practice my favorite ourdoor sport: bondage walking.  I'm collecting their tales here and will hopefully add more as we go along.
The Night Walkers
Sbm; Sbf; cuffs; chast; collar; chain; outdoors; discovered; mast; climax; cons; X
"Bondage hiking" is one of the gutsier sports in the self bondage world.  This story is actually half true.  I'll let you figure out which half. (2003 )
A Camping Trip, Part 1
MF; F/m; Sbf; Sbm; bond; steel; cuffs; collar; chain; chast; toys; oral; outdoors; cons; X
Tricia and Bob take a well-deserved vacation in the woods.  Their camping gear does not come from Cabella's. (2005)
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