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    The television flickers on.  Shopping.  Click.  Home improvement.  Click.  News.  Click.  Ah, here we go.

    The screen lights up with a colorful swirl of light.  The swirl resolves into a logo: "XSN, Your X-Treme Sports Network."  The logo fades to a sports desk.  A man in a golf shirt and a woman wearing a silk blouse and neck scarf sit behind the desk, smiling into the camera.
   "Good evening, X-Treme sports fans.  I'm Kirk Rowdy, your host along with Jessica Luagi.  Tonight we take you to the National Bondage Walking Championships in Cloudcroft, New Mexico.  Held every two years, the NBWC brings together the fastest and toughest bondage walkers from all over the nation for three nights of ferocious competition against the elements, the referees and the other competitors.  Through the miracle of XSN's exclusive Nite-Cam, we will bring you full color, live footage of one of the wildest championships in the world.  Jessica?"  Jessica tosses her full, blond hair and speaks with a perky laugh.
    "That's right, Kirk.  Bondage Walking athletes race through a variety of courses, at night, while chained hand and foot!  As if that's not enough, they race completely nude!  Making the competition even more X-Treme, referees dressed as police, angry neighbors and startled campers patrol the courses and waylay any competitors unlucky or unskilled enough to get caught.  New Mexico provides an especially challenging setting with a large black bear population in the mountain tracks and numerous coyotes on the desert courses! It all adds up to one wild and wooly event!  Let's go live now to the first of our on-scene reporters, Christine Watson, reporting from outside championship headquarters in Cloudcroft."
    The scene shifts to a brunette wearing a tight ski sweater standing in front of a large log building.  The camera lights up her face but the background lies shrouded in dusk.
    "Hi, Jessica, Kirk.  I'm standing outside the National Bondage Walking Championship headquarters on the outskirts of Cloudcroft, New Mexico.  As you can see, it is almost dark here and the events will get underway shortly.  The athletes are dressing, or actually, undressing, in the lodge behind me and will come out this door to start their races.  The mountain courses wind through the Lincoln National Forest in the scenic Sacramento Mountains in southern New Mexico.  Long a haven for skiers, hikers and campers, Cloudcroft became the site of the National Bondage Walking Championships four years ago."
    The scene fades to a daytime shot of mountain vistas.  A neutral male voice narrates a description of the mountains and the recreational opportunities available. 

Beer time! 

    A minute later, Christine returns to the screen.
     "Yes, Cloudcroft certainly radiates pristine mountain beauty.  Unfortunately, the competitors don't enjoy that part.  They sleep during the day so they're ready to go at sunset.  Most spend the day in darkened rooms, adapting their eyes to the dark.  The best athletes also wear their chains full-time for several weeks before the competition, so they move in the chains like they were born with them.  I talked with two of the top contenders earlier in the week."
    The scene shifts inside a building with rustic decor.  Christine stands between a man and woman.  The man is well-muscled and stocky.  His wrists and ankles wear manacles and leg irons with about eighteen inches of chain on both wrist and ankles.  A chain from the center of his leg iron chain ends in a heavy iron ball which he holds in his hands.  The woman stands tall and slender but with well defined muscles.  She wears heavy leg irons, a wide iron bondage belt and a heavy iron collar.  Her hands are behind her back.  Both athletes are nude.
    "On my left is George Twining from Golden, Colorado.  George competes in the Chain Gang Escape event and hopes to three-peat as gold medal winner.  You obviously like this course, George, having won the gold in both previous events here in Cloudcroft.  How do you like your chances this year?"
    "You're right, Christine.  Cloudcroft matches my strengths very well.  I live and train in the mountains, so I think I'm in better shape for the high altitude here in Cloudcroft.  The gravel trails and rocky ridges resemble my home course, so I feel right at home here.  Of course, anything can happen in this event but I'm in good shape this year with no injuries, so I feel I‘ve got a good shot at the gold."
    "Well, we wish you the best of luck, George.  On my right is Glenda Johnston from Boston, Mass.  Glenda broke into a traditionally male event two years ago when she silvered in the Severe Cross-Country event.  She's back this year and looking for gold!  Tell us about the Severe Cross-Country, Glenda."
    "Severe Cross-Country involves hiking off trails in severe bondage, Christine.  As you can see, my chains are quite heavy.  They must total eight percent of my body weight and all cuffs and collars must be of the same width and thickness so you can't concentrate the weight somewhere easy to carry, like on your waist.  In addition, my wrist joints must hang no lower than the level of my naval."  Glenda turns around.  A heavy chain hangs from her collar in back and connects to manacles.  She turns sideways and Christine points out how her wrists are indeed just above the level of her naval.  Several white scars criss-cross her thighs and arms.
    "Gee, Glenda, Severe Cross Country looks like a rough event.  How did you get into it?"
    "It is a very rough event, Christine.  Severe Cross Country courses run off trails, straight up and down the ridges.  The rocky slopes and the behind-the-back bondage ensure you will fall many times during the race.  I started bondage walking in the city.  Between muggers, stray dogs and mean cops, I learned quickly how to deal with the pain.  I train in the mountains near Albuquerque to get in shape for the altitude but I always spend several weeks at home sharpening my survival skills."
    "I noticed an electronic gizmo on your collar, Glenda.  Tell us about that."  The camera zooms in on a small module attached to the back of the collar.  A faint green light glows next to a larger dark light bulb.
    "That's the Orgasm Verifier or OV, Christine.  All athletes wear them to verify our orgasms during the event.  Severe XC requires three orgasms: one at the quarter point on the way up the ridge, one at the top of the ridge and the third at the three-quarter point on the trip down.  The OV is calibrated to each individual competitor and measures heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure and alpha waves.  The red light comes on at climax and a judge at each orgasm station verifies the light before releasing you to continue the race."
    "Wow, that's really high-tech.  The male athletes wear the OV as well?  I wouldn't think that would be necessary."
    "It wasn't until this year, Christine.  Several female athletes suspected some men had discovered a way to ejaculate without actually achieving a complete physiological orgasm, with all the psychological and hormonal changes that entails.  Tests two years ago confirmed our suspicions and, starting with this championship, all athletes wear OVs."
    "George, has the OV affected your strategy at all?"
    "No, Christine.  I'm not sure what the women claim is actually possible.  The data looks ambiguous to me.  I know I've never had an orgasm that wasn't the real thing.  But if the OV makes everyone feel better and lets us get on with the competition, then I've got no problem with it."
    "I guess the only question I have for you Glenda is how do you, or any of the Severe XC competitors reach orgasm with your hands chained behind your back?"
    "Severe XC is a rough sport, Christine.  You use whatever you can find on the course: rocks, trees, fallen branches.  You can't use other humans though."  The scene switches back live to Christine in front of the lodge.  She fans herself.
    "Whew, that sounds a little too rough for me!  In addition to Chain Gang Escape and Severe Cross Country, athletes will compete in the Trail 3000 and 10,000 meter events, as well as the 3000 meter Steeplechase event.  Back to you, Kirk and Jessica!"  The scene returns to the sports desk.  Jessica squirms in her seat as Kirk speaks.
    "We'll have lots more action from Christine in a moment.  But now let's go live to Bill Jackson in the desert near Tularosa, New Mexico."  The scene shifts to a reporter wearing a windbreaker.  Behind him stands a few straggly sage brush plants and miles of dark desert.
    "Hi, Jessica.  Good evening, Kirk.  I'm standing here at the start line for the desert events.  Tomorrow night we'll show you the finals of the men's and women's 10,000 meter relays.  But first, here's the video from last night's stunning upset in the Mixed Doubles Relays.  The favored West Coast Wizzers lost to a new team, the Midwest Bound Porkers, competing in their first national championship! Let's pick up the action at the second pass.  Please do not adjust your sets.  The Nite-Cam provides full color but the camera does wash out the color and blur the details slightly.  Remember, the scene you are viewing is illuminated only by moonlight!" 
    The scene switches to an overhead shot of two parallel desert trails.  A pair women stand on the trails.  They wear handcuffs and leg irons of slender silver steel with light chains attaching them.  A center chain from the leg irons runs over their buttocks to a light chain belt.  Both women wear a slender OV collar, a head harness gag and nothing else.  The shot switches to a hand-held camera near the women.  They stare down the trail into the dark.  Bill Jackson narrates the action.
    "The women running the third leg of the relay wait for their male teammates.  Susan Kelly from the Wizzers stands on the far side with Delilah Brown from the Porkers on the near side.  The Wizzers are running ahead at this point"
    The camera switches to another overhead shot of two men, bound like the women, hurrying along the trails in an awkward version of the Olympic walkers walk.  The leader has about one hundred yards on the trailer.
    "But the Porkers are running a surprisingly strong second, thanks to a very quick orgasm on the first pass.  Bob Crawford of the Porkers is the real linchpin of this young team.  He's hanging right on the Wizzer's tail.  Now watch Richard Lowe of the Wizzers on the far side of your screen." 
    The leader shuffles off the trail, following a smooth spot of desert between two patches of sagebrush instead of following the trail. 
    "A very uncharacteristic mistake by Richard as he loses the trail." 
    The errant leader shuffles through the desert for a minute, then stops and looks around.  The view switches back to the camera on the women.  The Wizzer woman prances up and down, high-pitched screams just audible around her gag.  The Porker man shuffles into view.  His female teammate stands facing him, legs spread wide, her arms pointed up at an angle.  He raises his arms over his head and shuffles into her.  As he runs into her, he drops his hands behind her back and cushions their fall as they flop backward onto the trail. 
    "Now this is a truly amazing pass for the Porkers.  Watch carefully on this slow motion replay and you will see Bob Crawford enter Delilah Brown before they hit the ground!" 
    The screen flickers then shows a close-up of the couple.  The colors are washed out but Bob's huge hard-on is plainly visible.  The action moves slowly.  Just as Bob and Delilah collide, he shuffles expertly so his feet both pass over Delilah's ankle chain just as she slides her arms over his head and between his raised arms.  As they hit, Delilah takes her weight off her feet by hugging Bob's neck and raises her legs up his back, spreading her thighs as she does so.  As they fall over, the camera zooms in on their hips.  Bob enters Delilah while they are still falling.  They slam into the ground with a bone-jarring impact in the middle of Bob's second thrust.  Delilah's OV light comes on at once.  Bob thrusts a half-dozen more times before his OV light comes on.  Bob and Delilah roll quickly over so Delilah is on top.  Bob throws his arms over his head as they roll and pulls his knees up.  Delilah stretches her legs out during the roll and pushes up with her hands.  Bob grabs Delilah's wrists and pushes her up to a squatting position over his knees then pulls his feet out from between her legs and rolls rapidly off to the side.  Delilah shuffles off down the trail.  The on-screen clock shows just over 30 seconds from initial impact to Delilah shuffling past Bob.  As she leaves, the camera swings to the other team where Richard has regained the course and approaches Susan.  Susan drops on her butt and reaches up the Richard, grasping his outstretched hands.  He eases himself down onto her as she lies back on the coarse desert sand.  They thrust together for something over a minute before first Richard's then Susan's OV lights come one.  Richard rolls off the top of Susan, stands and helps her up.  The on-screen clock shows almost three minutes elapsed time.
    The camera returns to Kirk and Jessica behind the anchor desk.  Jessica pulls her right hand quickly out from under the table and fidgets slightly as Kirk recaps the action.
    "That pass set a new world record, beating the old mark by almost a minute!  The Porkers have unleashed a secret weapon with their pass technique.  Their average time for all four passes was just ten seconds over the old world record!  Established teams like the Wizzers who use a conventional pass technique have a lot of catching up to do before next year!  Jessica?"
    Jessica sucks her tongue back in from licking her lips and brushes back her hair with one hand.  "Yes, Kirk, we all, uh, they all have some catching up to do.  Now, let's go live to Christine on the Suburban Hiking Course.  Christine?"
    The scene switches to a shot of Christine standing in a patch of hilly desert lit by flood lights.  She is wearing dark leotards and hiking boots.  Leather cuffs encircle her neck, wrists and ankles.  Chains connect her ankles and wrists and a long chain runs from the ankle chain through the wrist chain and up to her collar.  She starts to speak but the chain from her ankles to her wrists won't let her raise the microphone high enough.  She looks off camera and exchanges words with someone then squats down.
    “Hi, Kirk!  Hello, Jessica!  That's better.  Since all the competitors are out on the course, the staff here at the Bondage Walking nationals fitted me up with a set of chains to show you what the Suburban Hiking Event competitors wear.  Suburban Hiking was the first Bondage Walking event established and remains a perennial favorite with the fans.  I'm told that almost ten percent of the adult population has either performed bondage walking in their neighborhood or intends to try.  Makes you want to keep a sharp eye out your back door at night!"
    Kirk breaks in.  "Well, you certainly look ready to give it a try, Christine.  Tell us about your 'equipment.'"
    "As you can see, Kirk, I'm pretty well restrained here.  My wrists are only a few inches apart and the chain between my ankles allows me to take a normal walking step but not run.  The center chain keeps my wrists about the  level of my waist when I stand up.  The center chain also rattles quite a bit it you move too fast."
     Christine stands and hands her microphone to someone off camera.  She stands erect and moves her wrists up and down.  The chains prevent her from dropping her wrists any lower than the waistband of her leotards or raising them any higher than just above her naval.  She walks around in the spotlight using a normal walking step then tries to jog around in a circle but the ankle chains tug at her legs and the best she can get if a very awkward shuffle.  The chains rattle and tinkle loud enough for the off-camera microphone to pick them up.  She stumbles and almost falls but a woman steps in from just off-camera and steadies her.  The woman helps Christine back in from of the camera and hands her the microphone.  Christine squats in front of the camera and suppresses a giggle as she takes the microphone.  In the harsh light, her nipples are visible poking against the fabric of her leotards. 
    "Wow!  That's quite a workout!  The  Suburban Hiking event is race against the clock with the object being to go from your 'home' out to a designated target and return in the shortest time.  'Neighbors' patrol the course and intercept any hikers who are too obvious or who let their chains rattle too loudly.  The competitors may travel any path from 'home' to target and back again with the shortest route being through the neighborhood where the likelihood of getting caught is very high.  If a competitor gets caught, they must seduce their captor into allowing them an achieve orgasm before they can continue.  Note only the competitor must achieve orgasm, not the captor.  Each captor has a phrase or 'line' as it's known to which they will respond and allow themselves to be seduced into allowing the orgasm.  The competitors are given general information about the 'lines' and which kinds of captors respond to which 'lines,' so this event involves thinking on your feet as well as stamina!  Let's go now out on the course where Jackie Holmes is running very fast on a dangerous course right through the heart of the neighborhood!"
    A Nite-Cam picks up a woman, bound like Christine but naked.  She moves with practiced ease down an alley between two rows of houses.  She holds a bunch of the center chain in one hand, keeping both the end going to her collar and the end to her ankles tight and noiseless.  She walks by swinging her feet wide so the ankle chain stays tight as well.  Her head twists from side to side rapidly, scanning the area for captors and hiding spots.  Suddenly the alley floods with light.  The scene changes colors and focus as the Nite-Cam catches up.  Jackie ducks behind a set of trash cans and squeezes herself into an impossibly small ball in the shadows.
    "Jackie is one of the finest competitors out here tonight, Kirk.  Let's see if she can make this work."
    The camera zooms out and shows a pickup truck driving slowly up the alley.  The truck stops next to the trash cans where Jackie is hiding.  A woman gets out, pulls two plastic sacks of garbage out of the back and opens the near trash can.  The trash bags don't quite fit.  The woman tries to shove the trash deeper in the can with the lid but the lid slips off and hits Jackie in the head.  A distorted yelp comes from behind the trashcans.  The woman peers into the shadows.
    "Kirk and Jessica, we've got a microphone on the captor but we're having difficulty with the signal."
    The woman says something, which comes across garbled on the set.  Jackie slowly stands up.  The woman stares in mock horror at the naked, chained figure before her.  The two women exchange words, Jackie both flirty and conciliatory and the woman over-doing her job of acting incensed.
    "Kirk and Jessica, I think we've got our technical problem solved."  The woman speaks harshly to Jackie:       "..don't care who you are, I'm calling the cops.  Running around naked in the dark, practicing your sick perversions.  I never!"
    Jackie kneels down in front of the woman.  "Please don't call the police!  I'm not breaking any laws.  I'll lose my job.  Please, just let me go and I won't bother you any more." 
    As she begs, Jackie's hand sneaks down between her thighs and begins rubbing.  The woman rants for a moment then spots Jackie's hand.  She grabs Jackie's arm and pulls it out between them.
    "Oooooh, myyyyy Gawd!  You twisted little bitch!  You are in danger of losing a lot more than your job, honey.  I'm calling the cops right now and you're going to lose your precious 'freedom' to commit perversion!"
    Jackie squeezes in a word as the woman begins to sputter.  "I guess that's the thing to do.  I mean, the police are will know a lot more about taking care of my kind.  I'm sure they will teach me a good lesson in the interrogation room.  They'll probably put a full set of transport cuffs on over my chains, so this could really be delicious!" 
    Jackie jerks her hand back and  starts rubbing her palms down the front of her thighs, swaying back and forth.
    "Why, you little slut!  I've half a mind to teach you a good lesson right here and now!"
    Jackie pauses in her rubbing a looks at the woman with disbelief.  "You?  Teach me what?  You're too shocked at a naked breast to teach anyone anything!" 
    Jackie grabs her right breast and points it at the woman.
     The woman shouts at Jackie.  "Shocked, my ass!  I'll show you shocked!" 
    The woman grabs Jackie by the hair and slaps her across the face.  Jackie's head snaps back with the force of the blow.  Jackie stumbles then steadies herself.
     "You need to hit harder than that, woman.  I'm a pervert, remember?"  Jackie rattles her chains.  "I'm a sicko, slinking around in the night, frightening decent people..." 
    The woman smacks Jackie twice in rapid succession, first forehand then backhand.  Jackie sinks to her knees as the woman continues to pommel her.  As she cringes under the blows, Jackie's hands reach back between her thighs and rub rapidly up and down.
    "Wow, Christine!  That sure looks rough!"
    "Yes, Kirk, none of these events are for the faint of heart.  But Jackie did a quick job of identifying her captor as a closet sadist and seducing her.  And from the looks of Jackie's technique, she should be back on the trail shortly!"
    The Nite-Cam zooms in for a close-up of Jackie's enthusiastic motion with her hands.  One hand is half-buried inside her body while the other rubs quickly up across her exposed clitoris. Jessica's voice can be heard moaning quietly off-camera, "...ooo, me next, me next...click."  Jessica's mic shuts off.
    The Nite-Cam zooms back out just in time to catch Jackie's OV collar lighting up.  A whistle blows off-camera.  Jackie leaps to her feet and shuffles down the alley.  The woman leans back against the alley fence.  Christine, still in her leotards and chains, reappears on camera.
    "Boy, Jackie sure made short work of that one!  From what we can see on the Nite-Cam, she has a clear shot at the goal.  If she manages to avoid any further interruptions, she can nail down the Gold in Suburban Hiking!  Let's see how she does!"
    The Nite-cam switches back to Jackie as she scoots down the alley.  She comes to a road and pauses for a while, looking carefully.
    "Jackie knows she has a good lead now and isn't taking any chances."
    Satisfied the coast is clear, Jackie smoothly walks across the street, skirting just outside a pool of light from a street light.
    "Notice Jackie's technique here.  She's checked the immediate area and is pretty sure no one is close by.  She walks normally so anyone seeing her from a distance sees just a person crossing the street.  If she ran across, anyone spotting her from a distance would check her out more closely simply because a person running at night is unusual.  By moving normally, she stands a good chance of avoiding that second look that would reveal her nakedness and chains."
    Jackie gains the alley on the other side of the street and sets off again with her leg-swinging shuffle.
    "She's almost there!  One more street to cross then down that alley to the finish!"
    Just before Jackie reaches the last street, a back porch light comes on, bathing her in light.  The back door opens and a heavy-set man steps out.  He stares at Jackie for a moment then rushes for the alley, shouting at her.  Jackie sizes up the situation and shuffles off down the alley.  She abandons the wide-swinging walk for a pace that closely resembles the Olympic walking pace.  Her chains flash and jingle in the dim light.
    "She's running for it, Kirk and Jessica!  Jackie is betting she can outrun this guy even with her chains.  What a finish this is going to be!  The only problem now is Jackie must get into the 'Finish House' without her pursuer seeing which house she enters!"
    Jackie quick-steps across the last street and up the alley.  She continues past the Finish House to the next street and turns up the sidewalk.  Her pursuer sees her make the corner and stops, out of breath.   He waddles back to the cross street and heads up it, trying to cut Jackie off.  As he disappears up the street, Jackie peeps back down the alley.  She has doubled back down the side street.  She quietly slides down the alley, opens the gate of the Finish House and strolls up to the back door.
    "An amazing finish by Jackie Holmes to clinch the Gold in Suburban Hiking.  Her quick thinking and great speed bring her a well-deserved medal!  Back to you, Kirk and Jessica!"
    Christine appears on a split screen with Kirk and Jessica.  Christine is still squatting in her chains but one hand has drifted down between her thighs and her expression becomes blissful as Kirk takes over the announcing.  Jessica is talking to someone off-camera.  "...my goddamn agent, you better get me... assignments out from behind this desk!  I'm senior to that little hussy in leotards; that should be me out there click." 
    Jessica's microphone cuts out again and the split screen with her  tightens up so only Kirk is in the picture.  Kirk glances around nervously then picks up the monologue.
    "Well, yes, that certainly was a dramatic finish.  We'll be back tomorrow night at this same time for the final night of the National Bondage Walking Championships!  For all of us here at XSN, good night."  The studio takes a few seconds to switch to the logo.  Christine's OV light flares bright red just before the camera cuts her from the split screen.  As the split screen fades into the logo, Kirk grabs Jessica's wrists and holds them as he unties the scarf from around her neck.

  Better mark the calendar for tomorrow night!
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