What's new?

3rd of March 2005

  Updated my links. Added a new one and fixed the link to Gromet's Plaza, which was broken, which is a pity as this is the best reference for self-bondage that can be found on the web!

15 of February 2004

  Added a new drawing, made by Marq. The best one so far.

8 of December 2003  Back to Geocities... Ifrance was really bad, lot of popups, slow and frequently down. Geocities is better, but its main problem is that it has no FTP uploader and uploading many files is a real pain in the back. Well, as I've not been uploading so much lately, this is not too much an inconvenient.

20th of July 2003  Waow! I'm really in the mood those times. Another new report for you to read. This is actually a refinement of the last one.

19th of July 2003  Did you think it would never come? Two years after my last one, here is a new report, by myself! Enjoy! There is also a new drawing and a story, by Monsieur Charles.

18th of July 2003   Finally something really new on my site! A new page is born: Drawings of Aurélie.

17th of July 2003  I decided to transfer my site from Geocities to ifrance. Since Geocities had been swalowed by Yahoo, the offered services had declined: limited bandwidth, huge add masking the text, no FTP access, etc.. On ifrance, I'm getting back everything, and a much larger storage space. Illimited bandwidth too. No more problems when too many people download my images. The site on Geocities will stay there but will not be updated anymore. The site is now located at http://aurelie-selfbondage.ifrance.com/

6th of April 2003  At least a small update. In fact, I just checked the links of my link page and removed those gone extinct or money. I also added two French and one English links.

  J'ai ajouté deux liens en français, dont l'un pour un tout nouveau groupe d'auto-ligotage francophone qui a l'air de bouillonner d'idées.

  By the way, it was a long time since the last time I gave a look to this site. I was happy to see it was still up and running. And I also saw in the statistics that it still had an impressive number of visitors! I wish to thank all those who linked to my pages from their sites, and, of course all the visitors.

  I can't promise when will be the next update though. I'm sorry. I had much more time during the 20th century.

16th of November 2001  Victim of its success, my site will be partly disabled. Here is the message I received from Geocities:

  Dear GeoCities Member:

  Congratulations, http://www.geocities.com/aurelie1975 is very popular and has been receiving a large amount of traffic. Your site has become so popular, in fact, that our records indicate that you're using more than the allotted amount of data transfer we provide for a free web site, which is 3GB/month (measured on an hourly basis).

  In the past we have not enforced that limit, so your site has been uneffected thus far. However, shortly, all free member sites transferring more than the allowable data limit will be disabled for portions of the day until usage falls to within the prescribed limits.

  In order to get my band width below this threshold without having my site partly disabled, I have replaced the pictures of my site by thumbnails. You will not see any change anyway, but my page will now be loaded faster. If you want to see the big pictures, just click on the small ones.

  Anyway, thanks to be so enthousiastic about my website, even though it is not updated very often.

18th of January 2001  Enfin un nouveau rapport ! Et c'est Claire qui vous l'apporte cette fois, sur un scénario de Jerry Kahn. J'ai beaucoup mouillé à la lecture de son rapport et vous verrez qu'elle amène son style personnel de l'auto-ligotage.
  I'm sorry for my English-speaking readers. Nothing new in that language for now. You will find a new French report written by Claire.

7th of January 2001  Hello!
  Finally, an update... Not the Great Update that you are probably waiting for but at least it proves that I am still alive. Since september, I got a lot of mail, kind comments, and a lot of scenarios (particularly, French scenarios). I did not had the time to perform them but I placed them on my "untried page"...
  I also added a new link and updated the Talon's site link.
  I was very pleased to read your mails. I tried to send a few answers when I had time.
  And now, have patience until the next update...

 26th of September 2000  I'm finally back. Many things to do though and I don't know how much time I will be able to give to the site, but I shall do my best.
  You were tired to scan my front page looking for updates? I hope this new "What's new?" page will make your browsing easier.
  Vous trouverez un nouveau récit en français dans la section "Your self-bondage adventures". Sandrine y raconte une de ses premières aventures...