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This is the original website of Helpless that inspired me to start my own website, originally posted on Geocities - enjoy.
The website is presented "as-is" the only editing has been to remove the geocities scripts.
*** December 31, 1999 *** - just a quick thank you to everyone who's been patient with me thusfar. have a happy new years, and click here for a sneak preview of how the next major update will be organized. everything will be nicely indexed by keywords to make everything much easier to maintain and browse through.

*** Quick note (July 16, 1999): Please don't think that I have no plans to update this page. I plan on getting my act together. Thanks for your patience so far! In the meantime, give Gromet's page a try. His page is an awesome self-bondage resource!

Last updated: Tue, 3/2/1999 at 00:12:39 Good new things abound!
Thanks to the great folks I've come across on the #selfbondage channel on DalNet, and the material I've been gleaming from them. The channel is gaining interest. Join the channel, share some tips! Look in the updates list below for a list of most-recently-added links. Sorry that they are not linked, but you can match up the names to the table of links following the update list.

There's still new material i haven't added yet.

Old news: This is basically a re-formatting of my collection of self-bondage material to help me automate the process of posting this stuff on the web. The benefit of doing so is that I can easily add new material to the site with little effort. The caveat, however, is that everything on the site appears on this one page. It may appear jumbled, but it's all here and accounted for (i think). As always, please email me if you have any questions/comments/complains/submissions/reports of broken links/etc/etc. This site is a work in progress and you should see more additions over coming weeks. I apologize for the delay in answering a lot of your emails; I will eventually answer all of them! Thank you for your patience thusfar,

- helpless

thanks to all of ya!

Most recent additions:

trial run a.k.a. the ultravibe pictures (soloist) (1999-03-01)
trial run a.k.a. the ultravibe movie (soloist) (1999-03-01)
hogtie movie (soloist) (1999-03-01)
trial run a.k.a. the ultravibe (soloist) (1999-03-01)
time out (soloist) (1999-03-01)
my living art show (soloist) (1999-03-01)
here kitty (soloist) (1999-03-01)
panic session (helpless) (1999-03-01)
rescue part 2 (jon, written & illustrated by c.l. foster) (1999-03-01)
female self-bondage part 2 (various on soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm) (1999-03-01)
truth or dare - self-bondage ideas needed (peter) (1999-03-01)
female self-bondage (nicole on soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm) (1999-03-01)
cuff shimming (philip the foole and jasonc on soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm) (1999-03-01)
self-inflicted (tied tightly on (1999-03-01)
links (helpless and misc. readers) (1999-03-01)
mrs bottier (mrs. bottier on (1999-03-01)
playing solitaire (graham and edward on soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm) (1999-03-01)
ice and pvc (o.tom on (1999-03-01)
el cid part three (yoursas on soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm) (1999-03-01)
self bound (kinkman) (1999-03-01)
wall clock (sandy on soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm) (1999-03-01)
two handcuffs (first26 on (1999-03-01)
uncomfortable (trish on soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm) (1999-02-23)
an afternoon at the park (maria wells) (1999-02-23)
sir (subgirl4u on alt.personals.bondage) (1999-02-23)
mary's self bondage night (unknown) (1999-02-23)
segment from a book (jwarren2 on soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm.femdom) (1999-02-23)
time to de-lurk (anonymous on soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm) (1999-02-23)
caught - college humiliation (lara v cataluna on (1999-02-21)
armbinder (ruru67 on soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm) (1999-02-21)

a change in plans the scarf website [1997-12-14] F / Story about a woman who ties herself up as a surprise for her man! (thanks to Snowman for pointing out the source!)
a close escape aussie tv bondagelover [1998-09-07] M / Story about almost getting caught and the frustration of losing hold of your means to escape a self-bondage predicament!
a fun one to try lisa [1998-09-07] A nice description of how to fine-tune a good spread-eagled self-bondage session.
a toy in the attic gt [1998-09-07] gt describes a very unique self-bondage scene in his attic. He even includes an illustration for clarification!
a toy in the attic, part 2 gt [1998-09-07] gt follows up his attic scene with another intense attic scene
a true story by aussie tv bondage lover helpless [1998-06-07] A very detailed, excellently described story of AussieTVBondagelover's self-bondage adventure in which he finds himself in more than just a bind...
adventures in self-discipline john [[email protected]] & the louvre [1997-10-27] M / The Louvre is (or was?) an adult text file email service with a HUGE collection of pornographic texts. I found some interesting self bondage stories in their archive... This one concerns a man's investigations into self-discipline and self-bondage.
an adventure in self-bondage by hat warhammer & hat [1997-09-09] M / Self bondage / Personal account of some experimentation with suspension and hogties.
an adventure in self-bondage by terri terri & the louvre [1997-10-27] F / Another Louvre story about a woman's rigorous self-bondage experience, complete with self-inflicted enema. I received an email saying this is part of the Terri & Jennifer adventure series, so I have adjusted the credit accordingly.
an afternoon at the park maria wells [1999-02-23] great story about a woman who spends an exhaustive afternoon being self-bound in a park.
an autobondage experience warhammer & a.k. [1997-09-09] M / Self bondage (heavy)
another bondage story erik [1998-09-07] M / F / Erik contributes another bondage story; this time, Erik tells us of a spontaneous bondage session with a gorgeous blonde.
armbinder ruru67 on soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm [1999-02-21] From a post on USENET - Ruru67 gives a female perspective on self-bondage as well as her techniques for self-armbinding.
assisted self-bondage warhammer & the scarecrow [1997-09-22] Letter about assisted self-bondage in a relationship
autobound rockettt [1998-09-07] M / An intense self-bondage experience written by Rockettt
blanket bondage, pokey [1997-09-09] Information about restraining yourself using a blanket.
bondage diary anonymous [1998-09-07] M / Story about experimentation with handcuffs
bondage experimentation warhammer & swift [1997-09-30] Swift tells us of her early teenage experiments in self bondage, and in this letter, she explains a session involving outdoors self bondage.
bound to please unknown [1997-12-14] F / Short story about a woman's self-bondage fantasies.
boys will be boys the scarf website [1997-12-14] M / Story about a man who discovers self bondage with scarves (thanks to Snowman for pointing out the source!)
carpet_burn's wristlets carpet_burn [1998-02-22] A great submission that explains the crafting of durable, versatile homemade wrist cuffs suitable for high-strain bondage!
caught - college humiliation lara v cataluna on [1999-02-21] a self-bondage story i found on
caught in the act warhammer, silk & garter [1997-09-09] F / Self bondage / discovery by stepson! (thanks for the source info!)
college story erik [1998-05-25] M/F / Concerning the exploits of a security guard and two girls with interesting hobbies...
couche's favorite couche [1998-09-07] Couche describes an intense favorite.
cuff shimming philip the foole and jasonc on soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm [1999-03-01] philip the foole and jasonc discuss self-bondage hogties, safety, and the use of "shimming" skills in order to provide emergency release from handcuffs.
dangers warhammer & swift [1997-09-30] Another letter from Swift detailing a self bondage incident where things didn't quite go as planned.
dick timer by L warhammer & L. [1997-09-22] An interesting technique about using your own erect penis as a timing device
el cid part three yoursas on soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm [1999-03-01] Part 3 of 6 of a bondage story called "El Cid." This chapter is titled "self-bondage" and concerns a Master who makes his female slave perform self-bondage.
erin's diary gman [1998-02-22] F / A great self bondage story by Gman
erin's story, continuing chapters gman [1998-02-22] F / Continuation of Erin's Diary
female self-bondage nicole on soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm [1999-03-01] a question asking about female self-bondagers is responded by nicole, who gives her viewpoint, insight, and tips on self-bondage.
female self-bondage part 2 various on soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm [1999-03-01] this post is a collection of the entire thread concerning various female (and some non-female) viewpoints of self-bondage.
first time by zoned helpless [1998-06-07] A letter describing Zoned's experience with self bondage. Zoned has one of the most original techniques I've ever heard of concerning the use of "self electric play" and laundry baskets! Be sure to read this!
gina's flight into reality warhammer & unknown [1997-09-09] F / Self bondage / describes improbable self-suspension ("Don't try this at home, or anywhere else" -- Warhammer)
gt in AL warhammer & gt in AL [1997-09-22] A teaser about GT's self-bondage adventure
here kitty soloist [1999-03-01] Here, kitty kitty! - an interesting story by Soloist about a woman's use of a cat for self-bondage. :)
hogtie description billie [1998-09-07] Billie describes his use of the basic hogtie during self-bondage
hogtie movie soloist [1999-03-01] this is an AVI movie of a man who has placed himself into a hogtie.
hogtied ann gman [1998-02-22] F / Hogtied Ann explains her Friday night self bondage adventure.
homeward bound silk & garter [1998-06-08] F / A woman discusses her explorations with self bondage and relates an experience in which her self bondage escapades are discovered by her husband.
i did self-bondage bianca [1998-02-22] A post that I found on ( Bianca's site from an individual who describes a personal self-bondage adventure.
ice and pvc o.tom on [1999-03-01] o.tom recounts a great self-bondage adventure with a very clever technique: ice and pvc pipe!
illustrated self-bondage story billie [1998-09-07] F / Series of 4 pictures depicting a woman's strict self bondage session.
illustration of the elbow-tie hogtied [1998-09-07] An excellent Wolffiescan sent by Hogtied which illustrates how to incorporate elbow bondage into a super-hogtie (
irc chat with carpet_burn helpless & carpet_burn [1998-02-22] A very stimulating and informative discussion that I had with carpet_burn the other night.
irc chat with escape artist helpless & escape artist [1997-10-27] This is the IRC chat log I kept when I spoke with Escape Artist on IRC. I was logged on as 'captaintripps' and we chatted about different techniques and such. This log was eventually submitted to Warhammer's page. Escape Artist is responsible for scannin
irc chat with hogtied helpless & hogtied [1998-02-22] A discussion I had with hogtied about our different self bondage techniques. Very informative!
jayne speaks gman [1998-02-22] F / Jayne speaks of an exciting self bondage experience of hers. Goes into great detail about rope techniques!
karen's true story karen [1997-12-14] F / Karen's memories of true self-bondage experiences.
kristine's diary - 09-09-87 - scarf self-bondage kristine imboch of bedroombondage [1997-12-14] F / An excerpt taken from bondage model Kristine Imboch's web pages about her adventures with scarf self-bondage.
kristine's diary - 10-03-87 - kristine plays with more self-bondage kristine imboch of bedroombondage [1997-12-14] F / An excerpt taken from bondage model Kristine Imboch's web pages about her adventures with self-bondage.
kristine's diary - 10-03-87 - self-bondage explorations kristine imboch of bedroombondage [1997-12-14] F / An excerpt taken from bondage model Kristine Imboch's web pages about her adventures with self-bondage.
kristine's diary - 10-25-87 - a self-bondage memory - bondage in fishnets kristine imboch of bedroombondage [1999-01-31] F / An excerpt taken from bondage model Kristine Imboch's web pages about her adventures with self-bondage.
kristine's diary - chapter 1 gman [1998-02-22] F / Kristine relates an adventure that stems from self bondage exploits after discovering goodies in a delivery.
kristine's diary - chapter 2 gman [1998-02-22] F / Kristine continues her self bondage exploits with some surprise assistance
kristine's diary - chapter 3 gman [1998-02-22] F / The next chapter in Kristine's bondage saga.
kristine's diary - chapter 4 - mom's straightjacket gman [1998-02-22] F / Kristine, toys, fun, and surprises!
leap before you look brandy [1998-06-08] F / Story submitted to me that concerns a woman pondering her self-bondage fate on a treadmill!
letter from aussie tv bondagelover helpless [1998-05-25] AussieTVbondagelover describes his modifications to the super hogtie technique to use during selfbondage.
letter from brian helpless [1997-10-27] Another reply to my letwar06.htm article from a guy named Brian. Some more interesting techniques.
letter from gt - two pieces of ice helpless [1998-06-08] Another great letter from GT detailing some self-bondage exploits, including a section on making a home-made chastity device!
letter from hungbound helpless [1998-06-08] In this letter, Hungbound cautiously tells us of an interesting experience he had putting himself into a hogtie in which his wrists and ankles were suspended.
letter from kinkyboots69 helpless [1998-05-25] In response to the IRC logs, kinkybooys69 contributed a great explanation of how to sufficiently tie the elbows together behind the back during self-bondage both on a chair or in a hogtie. A great place to start if you're looking to safely decrease the m
letter from manfred helpless [1998-05-25] Manfred discusses his recent experience with getting in and out of the super hogtie.
letter from master llevon helpless [1997-10-27] Master LLevon offers an interesting idea for a self-bondage session. I believe I contacted Master LLevon by following up on a post of his on a.s.b. concerning self-bondage.
letter from mr. x helpless [1998-05-25] A description of Mr. X's favorite self bondage setup - ice, two chairs, and string.
letter from rick helpless [1998-05-25] Rick gives Master Llevon a suggestion as to a very pleasureably painful self-bondage technique.
letter from rob helpless [1997-10-27] Rob details some techniques he's investigated.
letter from rockettt helpless [1998-06-08] A nice description of using zip ties to cinch wrist loops.
letter from southbound, part 1 helpless [1998-06-08] I recently got into a discussion about lycra fetish gear, mummy bags, and self bondage with a person who has been complimenting Zoom Bizarre on their equipment. This is the first letter from him following my inquiries o
letter from southbound, part 2 helpless [1998-06-08] Southbound discusses mummy bags (sleepsacks) and self-bondage
letter from southbound, part 3 helpless [1998-06-08] Another lycra mummy bag review, with advice on getting in and out of them on your own.
letter from swede helpless [1998-05-25] Swede describes getting into self-bondage to surprise his wife, but then having to get out of his self-bondage without aid.
letter from tau helpless [1998-06-08] Tau explains a reliable method of self bondage that involves securing wrists effectively with rope and cinch knots.
letter from z helpless [1997-10-27] This was a reply to my article (click letwar06.htm here to read it) I posted on about self-bondage techniques and pantyhose. In his email, Z talks about a very interesting cloth-bracelet bondage technique.
links helpless and misc. readers [1999-03-01] collection of self-bondage web links
mallory's self-bondage session webs of the underground [1998-05-25] An excellent photoset of the beautiful Mallory performing simple rope bondage on herself. Very nice!
mary's self bondage night unknown [1999-02-23] i do not remember where i got this. it is a story about a young girl named Mary who practices self-bondage.
master gunther and slave s warhammer, master gunther & slave s [1997-09-09] M dom F / A lengthy email account of a girl "Slave S" who is dominated via email (thus, coerced into self-bondage situations) by Master Gunther
more southbound advice southbound [1998-09-07] Southbound gives us more spandex garment tips, as well as a description of one of his self-bondage sessions.
mrs bottier mrs. bottier on [1999-03-01] an excerpt from a series of letters from mrs. bottier. in this excerpt, mrs. bottier describes her and her husband's experiments in self-bondage in great detail.
mscindy self-bondage, repost from terri from mistress cindy's page, repost by terri [1998-05-25] An overview of self bondage techniques and practices.
multiple knots [1997-09-09] A description I found of a technique involving slowing down a release by using many knots.
my apartment warhammer & unknown [1997-09-09] M / Self bondage / cross-dressing / fear of getting caught.
my living art show soloist [1999-03-01] soloist's story about self-bondage performance art on a wooden cross in public view
my super hogtie bondage session helpless [1998-09-07] This is a description, with photos(!!), of a bondage session I had today involving the super hogtie and a special vibrating toy :)
naughty games 7 f.m. hazer [1997-12-14] F / Erotic bondage text depicting some scenes of self bondage
not in the course catalog, letter by erik helpless [1998-06-08] This is a followup letter that Erik was so kind to send me after his College Story was posted on this site. Be sure to read this - your questions will be answered!
november 19, 1995 bootjaq web site [1997-12-14] M / Story about an extremely strenuous true self bondage session.
pallet wrap vendors helpless [1998-09-07] A quick resource I compiled for finding industrial grade pallet wrap (akin to Saran Wrap, but better!). Great for mummification!
panic session helpless [1999-03-01] here i discuss a recent self-bondage hogtie i had performed which went well beyond my expectations for the experience.
pantyhose self-bondage part 1 warhammer & unknown [1997-09-22] A simple pantyhose technique to slow down bondage release
pantyhose self-bondage part 2 helpless [1997-09-22] I mailed Warhammer this lengthy text that I wrote a while back concerning my earlier experiments with pantyhose and other self-bondage techniques. I also posted this article on a long time ago.
personal experiences part 1 warhammer & unknown [1997-09-30] (A great little E-mail and short story from another reader. -- Warhammer.) This one concerns a reader's sessions involving self-bondage in a chair and a touch of cross-dressing.
personal experiences part 2 warhammer & unknown [1997-09-30] Another letter to Warhammer from the same author as above, this time about cross dressing and self-bondage in a chair within view from the outside of a house.
personal experiences part 3 warhammer & unknown [1997-09-30] Yet another session described by the author of the above two portions. This one focuses on really getting yourself into a bind using pantyhose.
personal experiences part 4 warhammer & unknown [1997-09-30] Another installment of the above author's email. In this letter, the author describes mummifying himself with duct tape.
personal experiences part 5 warhammer & unknown [1997-09-30] The final installment. The author takes the plunge and performs self-bondage outdoors.
personals - 'his' version the scarf website [1997-12-14] M / F / A story about a man who discovers a woman who resorts to self-bondage (thanks to Snowman for pointing out the source!)
playing solitaire graham and edward on soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm [1999-03-01] graham discusses some old favorites for self-bondage, and edward contributes an idea for an interesting self-flogging device, among some other self-bondage ideas.
re - self-bondage kate hadley & jimj [1997-12-14] A posting on a web-board concerning a behavioral therapist's question about self bondage.
rescue part 1 jon, written & illustrated by c.l. foster [1998-09-07] M / F / A self-bondage story (including an illustration) from Bondage life magazine, converted to HTML format by Jon
rescue part 2 jon, written & illustrated by c.l. foster [1999-03-01] finally added the second part of the story Rescue.
safety 1 warhammer [1997-09-09] A page from Warhammer's site about major safety issues to be thinking about when coming up with self-bondage schemes.
safety 2 warhammer & anonymous [1997-09-09] A letter from Warhammer's site from an anonymous author concerning hogties, the ice-cube-in-stocking trick, and handcuff safety.
safety notes on gina's flight into reality warhammer, alley oops, & M.S. [1997-09-09] Two letters concerning the impossibility of surviving the scheme described in 'Gina's Flight Into Reality.'
sally - self-bondage larry [1998-09-07] F / Sally's self-bondage story
saturday night warhammer & blanketw [maybe] [1997-09-09] M / Self bondage / A fantasy by a guy who uses a blanket self bondage technique.
sean's stories sean [1998-09-07] A collection of stories written by Sean. Unfortunately, his stories were truncated in the email attachment, so what you'll find here is stories with abrupt cuts. When/if I receive the complete stories, I will post them here.
segment from a book jwarren2 on soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm.femdom [1999-02-23] a segment from the book 'Safe, Sane, Consensual, and Fun' containing a (male) self-bondage adventure.
self bound kinkman [1999-03-01] story about a woman who receives bondage toys in a package and proceeds to perform self-bondage on herself with them.
self time warhammer & joseph guest [1997-09-30] A description of some ways of timing self-bondage that go beyond a key-in-ice.
self-bondage adventure & terri [1997-09-09] F / Self bondage / An account of a ice cube release session done while bound to a high-chair.
self-bondage can be dangerous steven s. davis [1998-02-22] F / Story about a woman whose self bondage exploits become suddenly discovered (thanks to Henk for the name of the author!)
self-bondage computer game tau [1998-09-07] Tau sent me a letter with regard to a potential self-bondage computer game that he may work on. If you are interested in the idea, read this letter and then mail me your ideas so I can pass them on to him. This is a great idea, and I want to raise lots
self-bondage made difficult warhammer, a.k. & dexter c. herron [1997-10-26] TV / A short story about a transvestite's outdoor self-bondage adventure.
self-bondage picture series anonymous in MA [1998-02-22] Two series of the infamous self bondage photograph series. The first series has descriptive narrative text to go along with the pictures and describe the self bondage exploits of the woman depicted therein :)
self-cuffing anonymous in MA [1998-02-22] A picture of a woman cuffing her ankle to a chair.
self-inflicted tied tightly on [1999-03-01] female self-bondage story involving a spreader bar on a winch
self-mummification tips by billie billie [1998-09-07] More self-mummification tips
self-mummification tips by clement clement [1998-09-07] More self-mummification tips
self-mummification tips by gromet gromet [1998-09-07] Gromet shares his self-mummification tips (for even more self-mummification-related stories, see his excellent self-bondage site.
self-mummification tips by liketape liketape [1998-09-07] More self-mummification tips
self-mummification tips by littlemtn littlemtn [1998-09-07] More self-mummification tips
self-torture chad [1998-09-07] Chad describes his elaborate scheme to torture himself during self-bondage
sir subgirl4u on alt.personals.bondage [1999-02-23] post i found on usenet from someone replying to a personal ad on alt.personals.bondage and describing a favorite self-bondage adventure.
sleep tight anonymous [1997-12-14] M / A nice self-bondage story with the added bonus of spandex!
straps & clasps [1997-09-09] A self-bondage technique using bookbag straps & clasps
super hogtie techniques, cont'd aussie tv bondagelover [1998-09-07] An interesting variation on the standard super-hogtie ( technique.
swift in the mountains gman [1998-02-22] F / A self bondage adventure in the wilderness leads to a night of unexpected surprises
the adventures of terri & jennifer warhammer & tcarpen [1997-09-09] F / A humongous erotic series concerning self-bondage and bondage adventures. (5 chapters are included on this site. The rest are linked from the story.)
the first master gman [1998-02-22] F / Self bondage story that leads to the discovery of a new master.
the lycra lover's guide to self-bondage warhammer & unknown [1997-09-22] Some do-it-yourself Lycra bondage items (I remember seeing this in the alt.lycra FAQ)
the tortured young bride night shade [1997-12-14] F / Erotic bondage text with some self-bondage elements.
theory warhammer [1997-09-09] The theory page from Warhammer's site. Gives an introduction to self-bondage and goes over some of the major ideas for release schemes.
time out soloist [1999-03-01] soloist's great story about a woman stuck in a self-bondage predicament that forces her to experience too much pleasure.
time to de-lurk anonymous on soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm [1999-02-23] A post on usenet from someone pursuing their self-bondage ideas. This person also describes plans for an interesting self-bondage timing device.
trial run a.k.a. the ultravibe soloist [1999-03-01] soloist discusses the construction and use of the 'ultravibe', an intriguing vibrator used specifically for self-bondage sessions. i definately want one of these. :)
trial run a.k.a. the ultravibe movie soloist [1999-03-01] this is a realvideo movie of soloist using his ultravibe technique on himself. download this if you want to see a real self-bondage session!
trial run a.k.a. the ultravibe pictures soloist [1999-03-01] these are photographs of soloist's ultravibe techniques, as applied to himself in self-bondage.
true self-bondage story graewulf [1998-09-07] Description of a clever use of ice in stockings to time self-bondage sessions.
truth or dare - gagging yourself truth or dare website & newwoman [1997-12-14] A posting on a truth-or-dare web page with an interesting suggestion and a response.
truth or dare - self-bondage 3 truth or dare website & newwoman [1997-12-14] A posting on a truth-or-dare web page with an interesting suggestion and some interesting replies.
truth or dare - self-bondage 8 truth or dare website & newwoman [1997-12-14] A posting on a truth-or-dare web page (sorry I can't remember the URL) with an interesting suggestion and some interesting replies.
truth or dare - self-bondage ideas needed peter [1999-03-01] peter drops this topic in the truth or dare site, and out sprouts a LOT of people with lots of self-bondage ideas. i don't think the truth or dare site is running any more. please email me if you know otherwise.
tv warhammer & monica [1997-09-09] TV / A short story about a transvestite's outdoor self-bondage adventure.
two handcuffs first26 on [1999-03-01] first26 describes solo bondage involving a two-handcuff hogtie, a failed attempt at escape, and a confused asian guy.
uncomfortable trish on soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm [1999-02-23] trish describes recent discovery and use of the arm-to-leg superhogtie technique and barely being able to get free from it.
unsorted collection mat [1998-09-07] This is a collection of 35 stories sent to me by mat. I have not sorted through them yet, but all of them are bondage related, with some self-bondage texts sprinked in.
untitled by linewlkr warhammer & linewlkr [1997-09-09] F / Self bondage / Story about a woman who ties herself to a chair with an ice cube escape and the possibility of discovery ("A lot like 'My Apartment', only female, and this time she isn't quite able to hold on." -- Warhammer)
variable crotch rope warhammer & swift [1997-09-30] Swift explains how to implement the Variable Crotch Rope (TM)
variations [1997-09-09] A collection of interesting self-bondage techniques.
wall clock sandy on soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm [1999-03-01] sandy's article on the news group discusses LOTS of safety and danger warnings that go into self-bondage. at the end of it all, she reveals a technique of self-bondage involving a wall clock.
wet self-bondage by gt helpless [1998-06-08] GT explains an experience had at a pool, and how scary self-bondage can really get! Be careful with this one, folks!
zip ties! warhammer & the tinker [1997-09-30] Some techniques involving those plastic zip-ties
zip ties! part 2 warhammer & unknown [1997-09-30] Some more information about zip-ties